Continiuous Medical Education

Patients desire that they are cared for by health professionals who are not only proficient clinically but are also particular about the manner in which services are rendered, giving importance to their level of satisfaction as care recipients. Their comfort and safety are among the many things that should remain uppermost in the minds of the clinicians, case managers, clinical researchers and educators, who form part of the healthcare team…and on whose hands their very lives are entrusted.

Evaluation data that are statistically sufficient to support the efficacy of an alternative approach or intervention can be utilized or adapted to efficiently manage a case in varied healthcare settings. Health professions education conducted regularly or continuously (i.e. training, seminar, symposium, conference, publication or research) is central to achieving a level of professional competence that meets the expectations both locally and internationally.

PHS is convinced that CMEs and CPDs will not only impact health service delivery and protect the public in general, but will also promote reflective and expansive thinking among health personnel, hone their procedural skills and inculcate in them the values pertinent to their professional practice